For Immediate Release
June 4, 2024

Matthew Franklin, [email protected]


 Tedros Violates His Organization’s ‘Constitution’ in Order to Threaten Ours

WASHINGTON, D.C.— In Geneva late Saturday night, the Biden administration, Communist China and other co-conspirators lawlessly launched a new mechanism for foisting “global governance” on all of us. In the process of illegally amending the World Health Organization’s International Health Regulations (IHRs) in a bid to give its Director General, Tedros Ghebreyesus, unprecedented power to trample our sovereignty and freedoms, the WHO served notice that such power will be tyrannically abused, including via the violation of those very regulations.

For example, Tedros ignored the IHRs’ Article 55.2, which requires that any amendments thereto must be made available “at least four months” before they are eligible for adoption. In the event, states parties meeting at the World Health Assembly literally in the dark of night, on a Saturday no less, were not given even four hours to examine myriad proposed changes to the regulations that effectively constitute the organization’s constitution.

Then, the Director General declined to conduct a roll-call vote to adopt the legally binding international agreement. Instead in a room described has having roughly 30 percent of the member states – far fewer than the necessary quorum – Tedros announced that a “consensus” existed for the IHR amendments’ adoption. He reportedly had the microphones turned off during that moment. Only after he declared the approval of what amounts to a treaty were six nations allowed to express their opposition to the accord.

By using such high-handed and actually illegal techniques, Tedros effected the rubber-stamping of the first of two accords intended to “fundamentally transform” (to use Barack Obama’s revolutionary phrase) the WHO from a demonstrably politicized and incompetent advisory body into one whose leader becomes a global public health dictator. The second treaty, known as the Pandemic Accord, has been postponed temporarily with negotiations on it to resume in July.

The transformation being sought would entail the surrender of American sovereignty, states rights and  constitutional freedoms. Only by keeping these negotiations closely held could the IHR treaty have gotten to this point and the pandemic treaty be even remotely achievable.

Of particular concern are provisions in the IHR treaty that would:

  1. Affirm Worlld Health Organization Director General Tedros Ghebreyesus – the man responsible for so much of the damage needlessly done in response to the COVID-19 pandemic – as the sole arbiter of whatever he thinks constitutes a “public health emergency of international concern” (PHEICs) with a view, based on previous drafts of the IHR treaty, to granting him the power to dictate as well what must be done in response to it.
  2. Require vaccination passports for every man, woman and child on the planet. The digital version of such IDs would be platforms for the WHO to create not only vast data bases for surveilling public health worldwide. They would also permit the aggregation of and access to personal information about every individual’s place of employment, income, bank accounts, family, social media posts, etc., and enable the restriction of travel and imposition of quarantine if not in compliance with required vaccinations, etc.This information would permit the “China Model” that was recommended by Tedros during the COVID-19 pandemic to become a full-on international version of the Communist Chinese totalitarian “Social Credit System.”
  3. Require every state party to strengthen their capabilities to counter “misinformation” and “disinformation” – an internationally binding legal pretext for imposing the sort of censorship mechanisms the Biden administration previously, secretly engineered with the help of tech giants like Google, Facebook and Twitter.

Obviously, a treaty with such provisions imperils numerous rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

It is true that the final text of the treaty amending the International Health Regulations does not include a number of other previously proposed, and very ominous, provisions. Apparently, they were only left out in the interest of reaching an agreement before the end of the 77th World Health Assembly, and likely with a view to minimizing opposition to the accord in the United States and other nations.

The danger is that those provisions, nonetheless, reflect the unaltered ambitions of the WHO to exercise even more tyrannical control than is immediately in prospect. Given the extent to which Tedros Ghebreyesus has violated his organization’s own rules, repeatedly lied or otherwise misled the public about the nature and status of negotiations and arranged for the adoption of the IHR treaty at the last possible moment and without a formal vote, we must expect that these initiatives – like the other insidious WHO treaty now in the works – will be still inflicted upon us in the future.

This makes all the more essential the submission of all such accords to the U.S. Senate for its advice and consent. Ironically, Joe Biden presided for many years over that body’s committee of jurisdiction: the Foreign Relations Committee. He knows full well both the institution’s duty and its essential role in providing quality control over treaties, especially in connection with those that could ravage our constitution and freedoms. Yet, he has no intention of submitting this one for Senate advice and consent.

Fortunately, forty-nine Senators – 15 more than are required to reject such an accord — have already served notice that this one cannot be deemed to be legally adopted by the World Health Assembly and must be submitted for their formal approval by a two-thirds majority.

Former President Donald Trump has made a similar demand, declaring that he would “rip up” such an accord on Day One in his new administration, were the Senate not given the opportunity vote on it.

Consequently, the question now is less whether this surrender of our sovereignty and personal medical and other freedoms will be considered by the Senate and likely rejected. That simply must occur.

Rather, of urgent concern is: How much damage will be done to this country and her people in the meantime? And to what extent will this diplomatic travesty become a rallying point for Americans and their leaders – hopefully, irrespective of partisan affiliations, resulting in them joining together with champions of national sovereignty and individual liberties elsewhere to thwart global governance in the form of a new international health dictatorship?

This fight takes on even greater importance because the United Nations intends shortly to ratchet up the globalists’ agenda even further in the form of a “Summit of the Future” scheduled to meet during the General Assembly’s sessions in September. The plan is to grant the UN’s Secretary General powers in connection with non-health “emergencies” akin to those Tedros aspires to wield with respect to PHEICs.

For all these reasons, the Sovereignty Coalition believes that the following actions must now be promptly taken:

  1. The forty-nine Senators who have opposed this illegal World Health Organization IHR treaty must reinforce their stated insistence that it has to be subject to the Constitution’s ratification process with penalties for any failure by President Biden to do so. These could include: holds on all presidential nominees, a refusal to cooperate on the enactment of legislation and other procedural and budgetary measures.
  2. State officials – including the twenty-four governors and twenty-two attorneys general who have written similar letters to the one penned by the senators – must put into practice via executive orders, legal opinions, lawsuits the firebreaks against the WHO’s predations necessary to defend their states’ rights and their constituents medical and other freedoms.
  3. President Trump should build upon his declared opposition to WHO treaties he has described as “monstrosities” by making resistance to such globalist tyranny a centerpiece of his 2024 campaign. And, like Candidate Reagan in the 1980 election, he should seek a popular mandate to defeat our time’s existential threat to freedom: globalism. What is more, the electorate should insist that every candidate for downballot offices should be required to declare where they stand on what must be a defining, voting issue this fall.
  4. There is also an urgent need for a new, worldwide fight for freedom. The Sovereignty Coalition’s commitment to that fight was powerfully expressed, and urged on, by several of its members in three events held on the margins of the World Health Assembly meeting in Geneva: a private “Global Inspire Leadership Summit”; an “International Lawyers Press Conference”; and a large public protest outside UN headquarters.

Sovereignty Coalition co-founder Frank Gaffney, who represented this team in Geneva along with fellow co-founder Reggie Littlejohn, Dr. Kat Lindley and Joe Gebbia, Sr., said in the wake of the WHA’s adoption of the IHR treaty: “The Biden administration has employed a combination of secrecy, deceptiveness and coercion to put Tedros Ghebreyesus on track to achieve arguably the greatest concentration of power in a single individual in the course of human history. Such conduct must be repudiated by the American people and their elected representatives. The Sovereignty Coalition looks forward to working with other patriots, in this country and around the world, to defeat the IHR treaty and safeguard our sovereign, free and constitutional republic against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

Reggie Littlejohn was one of ten attorneys from nine countries who addressed the international lawyers’ press conference on June 1. She observed:  “The manner in which the IHR Amendments were passed flagrantly violates the WHO’s own rules.   In defiance of the requirement to submit proposed amendments four months in advance of a vote, the WHO released the final text shortly before its approval was sought. This violation prevented governments and civil society from being able to analyze this document and discern its implications.  The WHO’s tossing out of its own rule indicates its disregard for the rule of law.  If it is willing to disregard such an important safeguard as Article 55, what is stopping it from disregarding any other provision in the IHRs?  If it is willing to ignore its own laws, why would we expect it to honor ours?  For this reason, The Amendments to the IHR are invalid and should be rejected.”


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