Americans has spoken: Georgia rejects the WHO takeover of our sovereignty

A WHOPPING 93.4% of the folks voted “NO” on the following question: “Do you believe unelected and unaccountable international bureaucrats, like the UN controlled World Health Organization (WHO), should have complete control over management of future pandemics in the United States and authority to regulate your healthcare and personal health choices?”

VIDEO: The Sovereignty Summit

We are delighted to have so many legislators from six continents taking part in this extraordinarily timely conversation. This event is the result of many conversations involving members of our Sovereignty Coalition team, legislators here in the United States led by Senator Ron Johnson and Congressman Ralph Norman, and, increasingly, elected officials from around the world.

Urgent message and call to action from WCH Canada

Canadian politicians are about to sign over all authority of Canadians to outside interests, within the WHO (The World Health Organization Corporation) through The Pandemic Treaty and The Amendments to The International Health Regulations (IHRa). The IHRa process of signing over our rights to an unelected third party corporation is scheduled to occur very soon, between May 24th and June 2nd.