Urgent message and call to action from WCH Canada

DrTrozzi | MAY 10, 2024

What Is The Danger For Canadians?

Canadian politicians are about to sign over all authority of Canadians to outside interests, within the WHO (The World Health Organization Corporation) through The Pandemic Treaty and The Amendments to The International Health Regulations (IHRa). The IHRa process of signing over our rights to an unelected third party corporation is scheduled to occur very soon, between May 24th and June 2nd.

What Danger Does This Pose?

The WHO corporation will be given the power to unilaterally declare emergencies worldwide (including in Canada), which would trigger its complete authority over Canadians, up to and including full access to their financial assets/savings to remedy said emergency. These emergency declarations can be established without confirmatory evidence and are not open for debate, discussion or delay. Schooling, medicine, financial assets of the citizens, the ability to work and earn a living, travel and even what Canadians are permitted to think about or say on social media…….will be either turned off or on at the whim of the unelected WHO. The WHO corporation has been right about very little so far and it appears that other nefarious agendas are indeed being played out, under the guise of health, by this unelected group of business people…..who have a very long list of human rights violations and an even longer list of accusations involving crimes against humanity.

What Can Canadians Do?

Canadians need to write to their members of federal Parliament, provincial Parliament and all members of their local councils…in order to express their anger that a foreign unelected quasi-criminal corporation will bypass all aspects of human rights and freedoms within Canada. Canadians must send emails to as many of their elected officials as possible and say that they do not consent to this illegal political takeover of Canadians, by The WHO corporation. Canadians need to pledge and promise in these emails that they will never comply with such an illegal obfuscation of our governmental process here in Canada and will certainly not condone the seizure of Canadians rights, property and registered assets to remedy unilateral emergency declarations by this unelected quai-criminal organization.

Click here to find your member of Canadian Federal Parliament

Dr. David Martin explains the IHR and Pandemic Treaty issues in just 3 minutes

Friends beware:  this WHO grab for the power to suspend  human rights applies to all nations including the Canadian Constitution and The Canadian Charter of Human Rights and Freedom.

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